EMMedia is comprised of some europeans who love filmmaking and to create any kind of visual content that has value by itself. Passion is what best describes our Creative Studio.



Stories that are worth telling is what we’re looking for. We are available to shoot in Europe and US. EMMedia can be involved in post production also.

our short films


We’re Canon users and we love analog photography. Portraits, studio, landscapes, wedding, product & fashion. You tell us!



Events, products or anything you would like a poster for, we’ll make it. If you got an idea, EMMedia can help you show it to the world.

Coming soon


Not only a brand, but a symbol to represent you everywhere. EMMedia can help you get there.

Coming soon


Photo and video editing professionals ready to help you get your project done. Video and photo editing, retouching, colorgrading and creating where’s nothing yet.

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Sometimes it take more to explain your idea and there are infos people need to know and you can’t share them in other ways. Also your products need more than just a couple of lines of text. Brochures are a great way to introduce yourself in many situations. We can help you share your message.

Coming soon


If you can think it, you can wear it. That’s all it takes. We love to see our work displayed on clothes and merchandise. Also a great way to not say a word but for everyone to know who you are, just by letting them notice the logo or graphic on your clothes, on your mug or anything else you can think of.

Coming soon